Who is Klyck?



We're a tight-knit group of B2B professionals that truly give a πŸ’© about helping your sales team succeed. Our backgrounds are diverse and our experience is deep. Our headquarters is in Toronto, ON and our team spans across Canada and the US. 


Most importantly, we want to be your new best friends πŸ‘‹ πŸ˜ƒ 


Klyck was founded on the belief that digital sales playbooks are the next evolution of modern B2B sales strategies.

A little about us, our mission at Klyck is to help B2B sales and marketing teams around the world improve the way they publish, present, analyze, and deliver sales playbook content.


How Does Klyck Help Clients?

It's pretty simple - We help teams to digitize their sales playbooks so they can spend less time scrambling and more time closing deals. 

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Trade Dusty Binders for Booked Deals

Throw away those outdated sales binders and start closing more deals with digitized sales playbooks.

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Turn Organizational Knowledge into Sales Playbooks

Easily turn your organizational knowledge and scattered information into actionable sales resources.

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Turn Marketing Content into Customer Conversations

Create better customer conversations by arming your sales team with the right content at the right time


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What Makes KlyckBooks Special?


Bring Playbooks to Life

Time to throw away those dust-covered, outdated binders. Your playbooks just got digitized. Take your team to the next level with KlyckBooks, the easy, one-stop-shop for delivering content and information on-demand.

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Activate Your Strategy

Strategies are only as good as your ability to execute them. KlyckBooks allows you to easily break your strategies down into simple, tailored playbooks that help your team navigate the complex world of B2B sales. The future of sales playbooks is here!

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Enable Your Sales Team

Ever wished you could have all your sales resources right at your fingertips, when and where you needed them? With KlyckBooks you can organize all of your resources and deliver them intelligently, even inside your CRM.

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Unlock Organizational Knowledge

Your most valuable IP goes home to sleep every night. Don’t let that keep you awake! Tap into the organizational knowledge locked away in your best minds and capture it inside of KlyckBooks. 

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