Articulating Value Throughout the Aerospace Sales Cycle

Posted by Paul Ryce on Feb 13, 2020 4:56:28 PM


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Technical sales engineers in industries such as aerospace and defense, are highly educated and possess the analytical skills that are inherent to all STEM related jobs. Aerospace & Defense manufacturers require this skill set in their technical sales engineers to ensure that they can handle the complex nature of the consultative sales process.

A core challenge faced by aerospace and defense organizations is ensuring their sales engineers can effectively communicate value during interactions with a variety of different influencers throughout the sales cycle. As solutions are becoming more complex and sales cycles grow in length, sales reps are increasingly required to interact with influencers ranging from specification engineers to C suite executives.
A great technical sales engineer may be comfortable sitting at the CATIA station with the client's engineers designing a new bleed air duct but struggle when required to have a conversation with procurement or C-Suite executives regarding the lifetime commercial value of the product.

The typical sales cycle for complex applications, regardless if the opportunity is for a specific product or a complete solution, can be extremely long. Throughout the extended sales cycle, the probability of the sales engineer having multiple, critical conversations with a variety of departments is extremely high.

Why is it important for the sales engineer to possess the ability to have these critical conversations?

Key Business Relationships - The development of key business relationships is extremely important. People like to do business with people they can talk to, that has been known for years! The probability of your company being successful on multiple programs at an OEM can be directly tied to the relationships that your sales engineer has with multiple contacts at the OEM. "Vendor Selection" OEM's value the manufacturer throughout the sales cycle. During the vendor selection phase of the opportunity, all departments will not only review the technical merits of your solution but also express how they interacted with the manufacturer and communicated during the entire sales cycle. It is pivotal your sales engineers are always prepared to have those critical conversations with all department groups.

Maximizing Margin - Technical sales engineers must be prepared to have critical conversations at key moments to maximize the margin a manufacturer can expect to achieve. If a decision-maker does not understand or truly value your product or solution, the amount they are willing to pay for it will be reduced, costing the manufacturer valuable margin.

Life of Program - Long sales cycles may be time-consuming and costly with multiple visits and conversations but if the product or solution is selected, the manufacturer is typically sourced to supply their product or solution for the life of the program. This results in a continuous revenue stream, both during production and in the aftermarket for channel distribution partners.

So how can aerospace and defense manufacturers leverage technology to help their reps conduct better conversations across varying levels of the customer's organization? Sales enablement systems can provide a great way to ensure that reps always have the right content and resources at the right time, ensuring that they are prepared to handle a variety of different influencers during the sales cycle.

Sales enablement systems can also collect a large variety of information from customer interactions and report analytics back to sales reps and sales and marketing leaders. Sales enablement systems are also easily integrated with CRM and marketing automation, making them a perfect complement to the growing MarTech stack used by many industrial manufacturers. is a sales enablement solution that is custom-designed for long cycle, industrial businesses and provides the technical sales engineer all the necessary resources they need to ensure they can navigate critical conversations across all corporate departments.

Klyck's patented and proprietary "Conversation" module ensures that marketing materials and sales resources are recommended based on the profile of the buyer. This provides the sales engineer valuable insights ranging from what content to use and share, to suggested conversations they should be having with each buyer type. This helps ensure that the sales organization's strategic objectives are met and that reps are properly equipped to accurately convey value during the entire sales process.

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