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How to Eliminate Lost Knowledge and Deteriorating Data

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 19, 2022 11:32:02 PM

Data and knowledge loss are one of the most significant challenges for any large B2B company. If you are reading this you probably already know the pain and misery that these issues can cause. Although modern companies continue to become more digitally connected, they are constantly bleeding knowledge as their teams turnover and data continues to get “dirtier” as CRM systems and other databases grow.

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How Sales Playbooks Can Help You Keep Up With Digital Transformation

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 19, 2022 11:15:40 PM

Getting Ahead by Pulling Everything Together

Despite companies spending millions of dollars on technology to improve their operations, the business-to-business (B2B) sales model remains very opaque and hard to understand. Without sales playbooks, a sales team has to continuously improvise and create new angles every time they talk to a qualified sales lead. Salespeople may be surprised when they discover they are losing money, sales reps miss cross-selling opportunities, or key accounts don’t renew.

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How Digital Sales Playbooks Can Bring Marketing And Sales Together

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 19, 2022 11:04:48 PM

With today’s increasingly digitized world, many sales and marketing teams have already experienced the transformation. Over 60% of best-in-class organizations have a formal competency in sales, which in turn has increased the average deal size by 3.9% compared to a 2.8% increase for companies without sales playbooks. Salespeople need additional tools in order to be effective to sell their products or services to potential buyers. They need help—approximately 42% of salespeople feel like they don’t have the necessary enablement tools and information for sales.

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5 Ways to Manage Your Sales Process with Playbooks

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 19, 2022 3:19:56 PM

When imagining what a strong sales team looks like, it is easy to envision a group of ambitious and competitive people trying to engage as many customers as possible. While such traits may help any individual salesperson make their monthly quotas, they may not bode as well in a large sales team. This is just one of the many reasons why considering a sales playbook is a good idea.

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How to overcome content overload with sales playbooks

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 11, 2022 9:55:10 AM

Do you ever dread opening your email inbox on Monday morning? You're not the only one.

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Why Sales Playbooks Can Be Your Ticket to Higher Content ROI

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 11, 2022 9:50:15 AM

A well-written, interactive sales playbook can be the difference-maker for your salesperson to close the sale. Yet, many companies either don’t have a sales playbook or have one and let it become outdated. Sales playbooks, however, should not be used in a vacuum but in conjunction with you company’s customer relations management (CRM) system.

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How Digital Sales Playbooks Can Boost Your Revenue

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 11, 2022 9:37:12 AM

Effective customer engagement is pivotal to success in B2B sales. Because of this, digital sales playbooks are increasingly being used by top performing organizations to ensure their sales outreach and engagement is at its best.

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5-Step Guide to Creating Better Sales Playbooks

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 11, 2022 9:24:14 AM

When sales teams have a ready-made sales playbook at their fingertips, they are better equipped to engage potential customers and make the sale.

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How the B2B Buyer Journey has Changed

Posted by Dave Karr on Aug 31, 2021 1:51:14 PM
What is the B2B buyer journey?

The simplest definition of the buyer journey is the path that a buyer takes before deciding to make a purchase. What makes the B2B buying journey so unique is that there usually isn’t one sole decision-maker and the process is much longer.

It often includes multiple stakeholders that all have a say in the purchase decision. Having so many cooks in the kitchen so to speak, can make the buying process long, difficult, and wearisome.

But have no fear! In this article we're going to outline ways to stand out from your competition by helping your buyers along their way.

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The B2B Sales Enablement Checklist

Posted by Dave Karr on Feb 3, 2021 9:41:54 PM

In this article, we'll outline the most important checklist items to get your sales enablement strategy defined and moving.

Every organization will have its own unique needs, but this list is meant to capture the core elements that you'll want to consider when getting started.

If you want to skip the read and get right down to work, you can download our full checklist eBook below.👇👇👇

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