COVID 19 – A Guide to Remote Selling

Posted by Dave Karr on Mar 24, 2020 6:42:00 PM


For B2B companies, COVID 19 has forced individuals to completely rethink the way they work and sell. Sales teams are now finding themselves trying to manage pipeline, make sales calls, close deals, and manage sales management processes from their home office. On top of that, many of these individuals may have limited experience working from home.

This guide will give you a quick overview of how to structure remote selling activities, effectively manage your sales team during the crisis, leverage digital tools for success, and continue to provide good customer experiences.

Lead with Empathy

First and foremost, sellers must approach their clients from a position of sincere empathy and human connectivity during the pandemic. COVID 19 has created a new normal for everyone and sellers need to be mindful of this when engaging clients. With so many people struggling to adapt to this new environment, no one wants to have a canned sales pitch brought to them in a time of crisis.

Rather than executing a structured sales cadence or non-personalized sales calls, reach out to your prospects to genuinely check on them and their family. Consider sending a care package to them with marketing promo items that they can use while working remote. For example - a coffee cup or a nice notebook could be a welcome replacement to an item they had to leave at their office.  

Sending branded material is a must to get the most mileage out of the personal touchpoint. Consider using a marketing promo provider like City Paper Company to help you develop a branded package that can really make an impact. Remember, anything you can do to provide a personal touchpoint can help fill the gap of not having face to face interaction.

If you are into more out-of-the-box ideas, there are some great companies, like eatNgage, that will actually provide food and a webinar platform for a remote customer luncheon or “digital sales meeting.” Using a non-traditional approach like this provides a personal touchpoint and creates a memorable experience for a client.

Structure Your Daily Tasks

One of the hardest struggles for many individuals is maintaining structured operations while working from home. Consider using a tool like Asana,, or trello to help keep on point and organized with your daily tasks.

If you are using a CRM system like, there are native tools in the platform that can assist with task management, as well. No matter what path you pick, the important thing is having a system to ensure that you are spending your time wisely and staying on task.

It's also very important to structure your calendar carefully to keep track of where you are spending your time. Because sales tasks and activities are not happening in a traditional fashion, make sure that you have your day planned out. You will need to proactively plan your sales calls, pipeline updates, and administrative tasks so that you are keeping on point and productive.

If you are scheduling remote meetings with customers, consider using a platform like Calendly to streamline booking your meetings. This can be an easy way to provide a good customer experience and reduce bouncing emails back and forth trying to determine times of availability.

Use Digital Tools to Your Advantage

With remote selling, digital tools are going to be your best friend. It is by no means a surprise that in the last couple of weeks Zoom Meeting has seen the highest increase in new users in their entire history. Having digital tools that allow you to conduct business remotely is imperative right now, so take some time to evaluate what works best for your business. Let's take a look at some popular options:

Zoom and gotomeeting are two very popular options to host remote sales sessions. They allow you to conduct presentations, share your screen, and even provide video engagement so that you can see your prospects. Video is one of the most important elements here. Without face to face interaction, you lose a significant percentage of interpersonal communication. By using video, you can maintain more of that personal connection and have better conversations with your clients.

Speaking of video, using digital tools for video is another great way to sell remotely. Companies like Vidyard have great solutions that will allow you to pre-record videos showing product demos, presentations, training sessions, or other customer engagement activities. You can then email the videos to your clients so they can consume your content on their own time. Getting the analytics of how engaged the client has been with your video is an added benefit.

Finally, one of the most powerful tools you can use is a sales enablement platform. Sales enablement systems allow you to conduct remote meetings with your clients, share content, collect information on customer engagement, and ultimately lead to better conversations with your clients. Solutions, like, can actually allow you to remotely share and collaborate on content with your clients without them needing to download software. By simply using a web browser, you can actively share content and interact in real time with your customers to share marketing and sales resources.

Sales enablement also has the ability to collect information and data on those customer interactions. Without being face to face, it can be hard to determine how interested or engaged your customer really is. With sales enablement, you get real-time analytics to show you exactly how engaged they have been with your content during the presentation and more importantly, how engaged they remain with the content you share after your meeting.

Sales enablement also allows you to have all of your marketing, training, and sales collateral in one place. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend preparing for sales calls or developing presentations. It can be a great benefit for productivity.

Control What You Can Control

With so many unknowns about the duration and impact of COVID-19, it can leave you feeling out of control. To avoid getting into a slump, focus on things that can easily impact your daily tasks for the better. Maybe it's time to brush up on some training that's overdue. Or perhaps you've needed to read or research some new selling techniques. Or maybe you've been putting off doing some prospecting or research on new potential clients. Whatever the case may be, take some time each day to focus on tasks that you previously couldn't because of the busy hustle of day to day selling.

Need Help from an Expert? has a team of individuals that are happy to consult with you on ways to improve your selling efficiency during the COVID-19 crisis. If you'd like to schedule some time to speak with our team about the power of sales enablement and how it can help support remote selling, please request a demo and engage with one of our experts today.

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