How Digital Sales Playbooks Can Bring Marketing And Sales Together

Posted by Dave Karr on Apr 19, 2022 11:04:48 PM

With today’s increasingly digitized world, many sales and marketing teams have already experienced the transformation. Over 60% of best-in-class organizations have a formal competency in sales, which in turn has increased the average deal size by 3.9% compared to a 2.8% increase for companies without sales playbooks. Salespeople need additional tools in order to be effective to sell their products or services to potential buyers. They need help—approximately 42% of salespeople feel like they don’t have the necessary enablement tools and information for sales.

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 Marketing

Sales and marketing teams need to work together in order to be successful. Each team brings certain skillsets to the collaboration. Working together means that teams can better share resources, improve communication, follow-up more efficiently on leads, which in turn impresses buyers. When sales and marketing teams are focusing on their own goals, they aren’t able to work together to land that key buyer and convert prospects into sales. By working together, sales and marketing teams can secure the business and help the company grow.

In order to increase collaboration between sales and marketing, sales playbooks are a key part of the enablement toolbox. Sales playbooks enhance productivity across teams, standardize best practices, reduce prep time, and help salespeople become more autonomous. The sales playbook contains all the information necessary to prepare and execute strategies to land that important sale, including sales plays. When a sales playbook is prepared, the sales and marketing teams will have a more cohesive narrative and uniform strategy throughout the sales process.

Sales playbooks also enable the digital evolution of the sales and marketing departments. B2B commercial teams are behind the ball on technology. It’s a painful but accurate fact. Enable your sales reps to navigate their digital journey with on-demand access to guided selling tools inside of KlyckBooks.

Activate Your Marketing Strategy

Strategies are only as good as your ability to execute them. Sales playbooks assist sales and marketing teams to activate marketing strategies with a harmonized approach. KlyckBooks allows you to easily break your strategies down into simple, tailored playbooks that help your team navigate the complex world of B2B sales.

Your most valuable IP goes home to sleep every night. Don’t let that keep you awake! Tap into the organizational knowledge locked away in your best minds and capture it inside of KlyckBooks. The sales playbook contains your most valuable sale plays as well as enabling tools, instructions, content, and resource links to be used by your sales and marketing team. KlyckBooks can gather all of this information into one central, convenient place.

Enable Your Sales Team For Success

Ever wished you could have all your sales resources right at your fingertips, when and where you needed them? With KlyckBooks you can organize all of your resources and deliver them intelligently, even inside your CRM. The integration with the CRM provides enablement tools so your sales teams can work more efficiently and smarter.

Also, sales automation allows for teams to monitor training effectiveness and share best practices as well as fits in between marketing automation and CRM. Sales playbooks, in particular, help ensure that the right sales content, case studies, market research training, product guides, and customer service tips are in the hands of the sales team at the right time to make that sale.  Marketing enablement software will help sales and marketing teams to take the next steps to increase the rate of successful transactions with customers.

Salespeople can use sales playbooks and similar automation tools to access a company’s relevant documentation, information, and resources regarding your product or service in order to best pitch the sale to the customer. Your team will know the product or service even better with sales playbooks and automation.

Collaborate Faster and Better

Also, collecting all the information into one central place, similar to a library, enables your sales and marketing team to easily access documents that will help cross-collaboration of teams. In turn, everyone is more prepared for scaling and growth of the company. Sales playbooks help sales and marketing teams collaborate faster and better.

Your knowledge doesn’t live in silos, neither should your team. KlyckBooks makes it easy to share best practices, information, presentations, and more between members of your commercial teams.  KlyckBooks enables you to bridge the departmental divide and foster tight collaboration. Teams can collaboratively assemble presentations, case studies, video content, ebooks, training information, and more into pre-made digital playbooks for sales teams, all while tracking interactions and ROI on content.

Make Your Content Work for You

With the right enablement tools, your sales and marketing team can collaborate more effectively than before. It connects sales content and training, renews focus on the customer journey, aligns marketing, sales strategies through feedback on the platform, and more. Sales playbooks do work. The “Best in Class” sales teams (top 20%) are 2x more likely to use a sales playbook as compared to “Laggards” (bottom 20%). These enablement tools do need to evolve since strategies, goals, business, product, target market, potential buyers do change over time. Fortunately, sales playbooks are able to adapt to incorporate these changes.  

Put an end to lost opportunities and get more ROI from your marketing and sales content by delivering it when and where your teams need it most. Data from leading B2B companies would tell you that over 70% of that content goes completely unused. Eliminate wasted content and get full visibility to content engagement from your customers, and your sales team, with KlyckBooks.

Contact KlyckBooks today to get started with your custom sales playbook to get your sales and marketing teams firing on all cylinders.

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