How Digitalization is Transforming Life Science Sales and Marketing

Posted by Dave Karr on Sep 21, 2020 5:50:00 PM

Less than half of existing companies are prepared for digital disruption, despite the majority acknowledging its likelihood. The life science industry is no exception. 

Staying relevant in life science sales requires updating outdated processes for sales and marketing. This means finding new strategies that capitalize on data to better train sales reps and engage customers.

To learn how sales enablement solutions can help sales and marketing teams adapt and thrive in a world of digitalization, read on.

How Digitalization is Transforming Life Science Sales and Marketing

Digital Trends Affecting Sales Enablement

Digitalization is affecting everything in the industry. This includes product functionality, the way customers purchase, and the way salespeople engage clients.

Before understanding how it directly affects sales strategies, it's important to review some of the latest trends in digitalization.


IoT, or the Internet of Things, leads the way in digital transformation. It offers hyper-connectivity and access to user data on increasingly personal levels. 

Many life science companies are developing and commercializing products that have embedded IoT functionality and as a result, need to adjust their sales strategies to support a more complicated sales cycle.

Legacy sales teams in general are not equipped with the skills or tools to support a more “connected” conversation with buyers interested in these types of solutions. This is a problem that sales enablement solutions can help solve.


Artificial intelligence (AI) offers many benefits to enhance sales enablement for life sciences. It automates historically complicated processes for marketing and sales. It also generates predictions based on customer data analytics.

These engagement analytics benefit marketing and sales teams by empowering more personalization during the sales cycle. They also provide a connection point for updated, relevant CRM data based on real-time consumer behavior.


5G enhances connectivity beyond current technological staples. It further supports wearable tech possibilities emerging in the life sciences product field. It also offers opportunities for life science sales reps in the field, paving the way for more usage of connected selling tools on site when meeting with clients. 

Adaptive sales reps using connected systems such as sales enablement software can pivot their strategies quickly and always have access to digital selling tools.

Because these systems operate on mobile devices, reps can have connected access to marketing and research collaterals to enable the highest quality customer conversations.

Turning Content into Conversations

Creating meaningful customer engagement is extremely important for sales reps in life science. It’s challenging to deliver a personalized buying experience by leveraging outdated data in CRM or marketing automation systems. This offers little in the way of accurate targeting. Today's life science and biotech sales reps require a more integrated, connected approach.

modern sales enablement platform works by empowering sales reps from life science manufacturers to have the right conversations at the right time. Instead of simply running a generic playbook with each customer, sales enablement software allows for customized interaction. This is can be done by proactively suggesting presentations, marketing content, videos, or other content to enhance sales conversations.

Al technology connected to CRM and sales enablement systems can deliver hyper-personalized content with a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and attitudes. It can mine customer data and deliver much more accurate suggestions for sales and marketing touchpoints.

With sales reps leveraging this data, they can address customer pain points with ease, predicting their problems before they arise. This data driven recommendation process can provide sales and marketing teams opportunities to sell brand-new solutions.

Content empowered by data offers ways to change the conversation with customers. It opens up new pathways for personalized interactions and it maintains on-brand delivery of marketing and sales content to empower reps.

Personalized, relevant customer conversations should be the ultimate goal of any sales enablement strategy. Using a platform with CRM integration can set your life science sales team ahead of the competition by turning your content into conversations.

Turning Data into Direction

As previously discussed, when you leverage customer data in your life science sales enablement strategy, you create opportunities for personalized engagement. The latest systems offer data insights into customer behavior and purchase patterns. This enriched data creates more opportunities for segmentation and tailored content for marketing.

Life science sales reps can significantly improve their approach by using customer data to market and sell their products and services in a more personalized manner. Using advanced filtering in a sales enablement platform creates new niches to market in existing client groups. Your commercial team can better align sales and marketing activities to specified niches based on criteria such as:

  • The customer’s industry type
  • The product application type
  • The customer’s job role
  • The stage of the opportunity in the sales cycle
  • The customer’s specific goals or challenges

This kind of micro and macro data creates further opportunities for refining the approach of life science sales reps. The power of data opens opportunities for hyper-personalized conversations that directly engage clients. Building the sales approach based on data also helps establish credibility and confidence that the seller is a trusted advisor.

When sellers approach life sciences clients in a more personalized manner, it builds much more equity with the buyer. Attention to the data translates to attention to the customer. This attentiveness manifests in reliable communications and genuinely addressing the consumer’s pain points. 

Turning Reps into Experts

Leveraging customer data to better connect with clients turns your sales team into customer experts. In the new world of digitalization, hard selling, cold call techniques, and pre-canned sales pitches are antiquated practices that do little more than damage your brand. Your reps must adapt to personalized interactions that move beyond transactional, even relational, to establish themselves as a trusted advisor for the client.

Your sales representatives must become experts in designing complex solutions, not just selling products. When utilizing a tailored sales enablement platform, your organization can empower any rep to become an expert on solution selling. By empowering reps with content, training information, and resources, they can sell to customers' unique needs.

An effective sales enablement platform empowers sales reps at any level of experience. Whether the rep is a new hire or legacy sales veteran, a well-developed system will deliver an integrated approach with hands-on resources for training. By integrating sales training content in the platform, you can ensure that reps are getting insights before, during, and after their customer interactions.

Intelligently delivering sales, marketing, and training content also helps align your marketing and sales teams. By sharing metrics across both functions, each will be better equipped to align their strategies. According to recent research, aligned sales and marketing teams are 67% more efficient at closing deals.

Using an integrated sales enablement platform also helps fuel data-based customer segmentation. With marketing and sales alignment, your sales reps can use accurate, real-time engagement analytics to always approach their clients with expertise.

Sales Enablement Solutions to Support Digitalization

Navigating digitalization in life science sales requires time and patience. For industry leaders, implementing a sales enablement solution is a key step in equipping their teams to meet new demands in the market.

If you are interested in exploring ways to take your strategy to the next level,’s team of experts can help consult you on your journey.

Request a demo today to explore sales enablement solutions that can transform your life science sales and marketing process.

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