Post-COVID Life Science Marketing Trends

Posted by Dave Karr on Oct 30, 2020 10:47:48 AM

Post COVID Life Sciences Marketing Trends

With many life sciences companies facing an excess of challenges in the post-COVID world, organizations are looking for solutions to fight their way back into the game. For the biotech and life science industry, this means paying attention to the latest marketing trends to remain relevant to clients.

Exploring sales enablement solutions can help align your sales and marketing teams and ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. 

Read on to learn more about post-COVID marketing strategies that can put you ahead of the competition.

Digitally Aligning Marketing and Sales

One immediate response for biotech and life science companies should be assessing their current sales and marketing operations. With COVID-19's economic impact, it's essential to reimagine how future sales interactions will occur, the ways marketing can help empower them.

In the new customer environment, marketing teams have never been more important in supporting the sales cycle. Recent data shows that customers complete 70% of the buying journey before ever interacting with sales. They also view at least five pieces of marketing content prior to making a purchase.

This new buyer journey, which happens primarily online, means that digital tools are paramount for nurturing customers before, during, and after the sale.

Martech systems like marketing automation, sales enablement solutions, and CRM provide the essential backbone for digitalization in the life sciences sector. By connecting these systems together, you can more effectively nurture prospects in early buying stages, and help sales reps make informed decisions and content recommendations based on your customer’s needs and pain points.

A marketing strategy that empowers digital/virtual sales activities is critical in the current environment of social distancing and remote sales calls. While most marketing organizations have historically focused mainly on the top of the funnel, it is now imperative to have connectivity throughout the entire cycle.

Generating and analyzing valuable customer data and maintaining consistent communication between sales and marketing teams is a must. The entire process is much easier and more scalable when using a sales enablement software.

Digital alignment also demands updates in sales staff training. One critical element in digital transformation is consistently delivering training and sales support resources to reps, regardless of whether they are seasoned veterans or new hires. This consistency ensures the agile execution of the modern, digital marketing strategy.

Personalized Customer Touchpoints

If you haven’t already gathered, shifting to digital interactions requires deliberate sales and marketing alignment. One essential reason to do this is to help foster better personalization in all of your customer touchpoints.

Customer personalization is a key element for engaging clients in a post-COVID world of webinars, Zoom meetings, and bulk emails. When personalizing customer engagement, businesses need to be taking steps in both marketing and sales touchpoints.

Historically, personalization efforts existed primarily in marketing and consisted of automating someone’s first name to populate on a bulk email. In 2020 that is merely table stakes.

Using sales enablement software, sales teams can now be empowered with the ability to intelligently personalize content. A good sales enablement solution uses historical customer engagement data to identify content that is most effective in driving sales and then serving it up at the appropriate time in the sales cycle.

Better Customer Conversations

The ultimate goal of personalization is engaging in better customer conversations. Data has shown that when sales reps are viewed as trusted advisors, they can produce over 30% higher close rates.

Marketing can help empower sales to have more personalized conversations by leveraging data and market insights to guide their activities. This requires a higher level of sales and marketing alignment, as well as systems to support the process, primarily CRM and sales enablement.

Just as multichannel marketing has been powered by hyper segmentation and targeting for years, that same approach can now be carried over to equip the sales team. Using the same segmentation data, marketing teams can use sales enablement systems to optimize content and deliver suggested presentations and collateral to sales teams based on CRM data.

This allows sales reps to make data-informed decisions as they engage with customers. Ultimately, this process can help sales lead much more meaningful, engaging conversations with their clients.

Higher ROI on Marketing Content

With less face to face interactions occurring post-COVID, the need to digitally engage with customers is at an all-time high. Virtual events, webinars, video content, and podcasts have all seen a dramatic increase in effectiveness in 2020.

However, the key to driving the highest ROI from this content lies in the optimizing the delivery to customers when and where they want to consume it. Social media advertisement, primarily on LinkedIn, has delivered great returns for many life science organizations looking to maximize online touchpoints during the pandemic.

Overall, the brand experience has moved to digital engagements and virtual “experiences.” This leaves a bit of a gap when it comes to the sales team and direct customer engagement. Sales enablement systems have proven to be a great tool for marketing teams to help empower sales and fill this gap.

In addition to delivering value to the sales team, these systems have also allowed marketers to gain a much deeper insight into the true ROI of their content. This can be done by leveraging the data and reporting power of sales enablement to understand exactly how content is performing with customers, and what content is ultimately leading to closed deals.

Sales Enablement Software for Life Sciences

If you are looking for ways to help empower your sales team, personalize customer touchpoints, and deliver higher ROI on your marketing content a sales enablement solution might be the right addition to your marketing strategy.'s platform has been custom designed for the biotech and life science industries and can help your company stay at the cutting edge in a post-COVID environment. To learn more about our custom-made sales enablement software, request a demo today. 

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