The Importance of Sales Training for B2B

Posted by Lindsay Toomey on Aug 10, 2020 10:03:17 PM

The sales team plays a vital role in the success of a company as a whole. In addition to the part they play in increasing revenue, they are the link between your product or service and your customer’s needs. It’s because of that link that training your sales team well is of the utmost importance.

Even the best product or service won’t sell itself. It’s with that in mind that in this article, we’ll be looking at the importance of training in sales, how to achieve successful and repeatable results, and tools to enable continued on the job learning.

The importance of sales training for B2B

Why is sales training so important?

Training and development are the foundation of successful sales team. We aren’t talking about once annually sales training. We’re talking about on-going training year-round to ensure success and confidence for your sales team. When employees feel confident in their role and understanding of your product or service, their customer conversations can be more engaging and result more closed deals. Having even basic training can double a sales rep’s success and delving even deeper can improve it by up to 400 percent.

Training isn’t only about gaining a better understanding of your own products and services, it should also be about developing and nurturing the growth of the soft skills that will improve your sales conversations and make you a better seller. In our podcast with Stephanie Friedman (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at City Paper Company), she explains that people buy from who the like. In our experience, the better you are at listening, the more people feel valued and heard. Not just hearing, but truly listening will help you build trust with your prospects and clients. If they trust you and know you, the more likely you are to be valued and liked.

How to achieve successful results?

Who among us hasn’t sat through a boring training module and let their thoughts drift blissfully away? The more valuable and relevant your training is, the more engaged your sales team will be with it. Training needs to be about providing helpful advice about the real challenges the sales teams face.

One way to achieve this is by enlisting the help of product experts to help coach your team. Sales training done this way can teach the salesperson a methodology that has proven to be successful. This gives the salesperson a road map to keep on track throughout the presentation. Sales objections happen to even the most seasoned sales person. Without adequate training, your sales rep might be inclined to agree with the objection and give up the possibility of winning the sale. By enlisting a sales expert, these objections can be address and advice on how to appropriately make a counter argument can be provided.

It’s not only new hires that will benefit from a well-designed and well-deployed training program. Even seasoned sales reps can reap the rewards of on-going training an education. With the continuing evolution of the sales tools available and more teams moving away from outbound selling and into inbound selling, even the most seasoned sales reps need training to keep up with the changing sales landscape.

How can sales enablement help attain successful results?

One of the tools that’s been gathering steam for the past decade is sales enablement. Having an excellent sales enablement platform ticks all your training needs boxes. Content intelligence, training integration, and customer segmentation turn any sales rep, either a seasoned veteran or a new hire, into a qualified sales expert.

Instead of having just a handful of exceptional sellers, all sales reps can be exceptional. Sales enablement provides coaching with best practices advice and recommended material that takes the guesswork out of presenting complex solutions. Aligning content related to specific buyer personas ensures that the right material is getting to the right person.

Sales enablement isn’t only a place to gather and organize content, although that is certainly a benefit for all sales reps – old and new alike - it’s a place for training material, too. Unlike an annual sales meeting, the resources (selling techniques and advice, recommended content material, etc.) are always available and new things are being added constantly.

Many sales enablement platforms have a coaching element to them. Coaches are able to provide all kinds of valuable insights. They can teach selling techniques and how to combat objections. One particularly nice thing is that they are always available. Anytime sales reps need a refresher they can refer back to the training material. More than that, though, is that new coaches with new perspectives are always being added. If your sales reps are selling a new product for the first time or meeting with a sales manager they’ve never met before, coaches can provide valuable resources to help your them succeed.

Another truly helpful training opportunity provided by a sales enablement platform is the buyer persona section. In this section, sales reps can gather information about the different types of buyers, the best way to approach them, and what to highlight during a sales call. The material you present will be different depending on whether you’re meeting with a to technical engineer or a sales manager or a high-level executive. With existing personas established and content recommendations, sales reps have a better understanding of their prospect and can be confident that they are going into the meeting with the best possible material.


Sales can be quite stressful if you’re new to it or if you're presenting a new product or service for the first time or even if you are just using new tech that you haven't used before. On-going, valuable, and relevant training will give sales reps the confidence the need to build trust with their customers and prospects, have better conversations, and close more deals.

Sales enablement is one of the most valuable and versatile tools in your tech stack and it goes far beyond being a sales training tool. If you are interested in how to implement a sales enablement strategy for your business, contact's team of sales enablement experts today.

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