Why Your Industrial Business Needs a Sales Enablement Tool

Posted by Dave Karr on Mar 16, 2020 4:53:25 PM


Industrial Sales Rep Using Sales Enablement Software on a Mobile Device

In the age of technology, digital sales solutions provide a wealth of opportunity for manufacturers and distributors to take control of their sales processes. There are literally thousands of options ranging from CRM systems, learning and development systems, content management systems, automated sales cadence systems – heck, there are even systems that will track phone calls for outbound sales.    

However, using too many of these tools without proper integration will require salespeople to keep swapping systems and screens to update information or log activity. Sales enablement systems can help users avoid all of the screen bouncing and access most all of their needed tools, resources, training, and sales and marketing content in one place. 

If you're looking to close more deals, drive more predictable revenue, and empower your sales team to have better customer conversations, this guide will outline why you need to consider a sales enablement system for your business. 

How to Drive Predictable Revenue with Sales Enablement

One of the best ways to drive more predictable revenue is to increase the productivity of your sales team. Sales enablement systems are designed specifically to help increase productivity and give sales reps tools that they can actually use in the field.   

When properly implemented, sales enablement tools for industrial sales teams can help revolutionize the way that organizations publish, present, analyze, and deliver content. Here are five reasons why you need a sales enablement plan to boost your business.

Sales Enablement Tools Promote Collaboration

A good sales enablement process requires collaboration between the company's sales and marketing teams. However, at its core, sales enablement is all about the buyer. Salespeople should always have the content resources they need to provide the most relevant and tailored information to their prospects.

Marketing teams are investing considerable time and budget to create product messaging that is a vital part of the sales process. A common challenge is that sales and marketing teams, especially in the industrial world, are rarely aligned to help drive revenue. When both teams collaborate to create and deliver tailored content to potential buyers, everyone wins.  In fact, proper sales and marketing alignment can lead to 38% higher win rates for sales. 

Sales enablement solutions help streamline the sales cycle and ensure that providing proper marketing content to buyers is effortless. This makes it much easier to bridge the gap between sales and marketing, as well as enhance collaboration opportunities.

Sales enablement tools, such as Klyck, can significantly reduce the time is takes for sales reps to prepare, present, and share tailored content to their prospects. This enhances the experience for the buyer and also helps to accelerate the sales cycle.

Training and Product Information

Additionally, sales enablement tools provide training materials and resources like sales best practices, premade presentations, team collaboration portals, and other modules that enable the team to utilize all of the resources available. 

By using sales enablement solutions, you're supplying valuable training and product information to your salespeople, wherever they are. The ease of accessing these resources in the field helps promote sales training as an ongoing process.

It’s important to understand just how important it is to have a well-trained industrial sales team in the manufacturing and distribution industry. The bottom line is that 71 percent of B2B buyers decide to purchase solutions because they trust the salesperson and believe the company understands their needs. 

For example, if your salespeople are selling products and solutions in the aerospace and defense industry, they must be able to effectively communicate the value of your company's goods and services with a variety of STEM-educated influencers.

The modern industrial sales process has proven that buyer education must continue throughout the sales cycle.  Sales enablement solutions can be a significant factor in ensuring that your sales team is equipped to manage the need.   

Buyers need additional education because industrial B2B solutions are often complex, making the sales cycles much longer. It's also likely that the sales team will have multiple conversations with a variety of departments during the buying cycle. 

In the long run, having an educated sales team ensures that they'll be able to build the lasting customer relationships that are a crucial element of a successful B2B sales strategy. 

Streamline Your Sales Workflow

With sales enablement software, your salespeople won't have to search for the content they need. You can quickly deploy your marketing content to the salesforce, and it's available to present to your clients and prospects with ease.

Additionally, managing sales operations becomes less difficult because sales managers can see what content salespeople are using in customer meetings, and when they do so. You'll also be able to see how your clients engage with the content after the presentation.

Using the data and customer engagement insights collected in the sales enablement platform, sales reps can be more strategic about setting the priority of their sales calls and structure their follow up meetings in a way that adds more value to the customer. 

Imagine knowing exactly what products or solutions your customer has shown the most interest in and how much time they’ve spent researching your solutions.  With sales enablement tools, you can do just that. 

The marketing team will also be better informed on what content is performing well and receive insights that can help them improve future content creation.  This is another unique benefit that supports good sales and marketing alignment.   

Boost Sales with an Engaged Sales Team

When you empower your sales team with the proper tools, content, and the data they need for success, they're much more likely to deliver a high level of engagement with customers. Buyers are now expecting their sales reps to be trusted advisors. This means that sales teams must be more prepared than ever to help their customers solve complex problems. 

Sharing relevant content with buyers is critical to maintaining engagement during a long sales cycle. With sales enablement solutions, your sales team can do this effortlessly.  These systems can store entire portfolios of marketing and sales content and more importantly, use intelligent filtering to suggest what content to share with buyers at what time. 

Another important element of keeping the engagement level high with your sales team is to track wins and share positive metrics. Sales enablement tools provide everything you need to streamline this process and drive better team engagement. 

Sales enablement functionality can also help keep sales reps motivated by supporting their journey to attain sales goals and by providing ongoing training.

Create Data-Driven Insight and Action

Turning data into direction is a critical element of a well implemented sales enablement strategy. The best sales enablement platforms use data insights and advanced filtering to recommend the most relevant customer content. 

This ensures that your salespeople always have the right content at the right time – allowing them to place all of their focus on the customer conversation.

Sales enablement analytics can empower sales and marketing departments with valuable information to understand customer engagement, as well as how to gauge product interest. This ensures that sales and marketing touchpoints can be tailored and personalized throughout the sales cycle. 

Leveraging data from prior customer interactions helps guide future sales engagements and empowers the salesperson to determine tactics that will best fit the needs of the customer.

Implement a Sales Enablement Solution for Your Business

Leading industrial B2B, manufacturing, and distribution companies are providing sales enablement technology to their teams as a means of driving digital transformation. As a perfect complement to CRM and marketing automation, sales enablement is one of the most impactful digital tools you can deploy in your business. 

Platforms like Klyck allow sales organizations to turn their sales reps into sales experts with a combination of content intelligence, training integration, and data-driven customer segmentation. Plus, you'll see a measurable improvement in sales and marketing alignment that is proven to lead to higher ROI from sales and marketing activities. 

If you are looking for a sales enablement solution to help supercharge your industrial B2B business, contact Klyck today to request a demo.

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