Why Your SaaS Company Needs Sales Enablement

Posted by Lindsay Toomey on Jul 21, 2020 11:07:05 AM

As a SaaS company ourselves, we understand what it takes to make the sale and close the deal. Sometimes you only get one kick at the can and you have to make the absolute most of the opportunity.

If you’re a busy SaaS company with sales demo requests piling up, sales enablement can be the best tool in your tech stack. In this article we’ll lay out – with the help of Kenny Rogers – how to optimize your sales demo opportunity by leveraging the functionality and analytics that go along with a good sales enablement platform.

Kenny Rodgers - Sales Enablement

What is a sales demo?

Over the past decade, more and more SaaS companies are moving to inside sales. Most companies are selling remotely using phone, email, and online meeting tools. With the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is even more true.

The purpose of the demo is not only to sell your product. It’s an opportunity for you to show how your product provides a valuable solution, build trust, and develop relationships.

That said, every demo won’t be a winner. As Robert Falcone puts it, “about 10% of your demos will go great regardless. Either you've worked with the person before, or the room just groks what you say the first time. Another 10% will go bust no matter what you do. You're presenting the wrong solution to the wrong crowd. It's not worth dwelling on and deriving lessons from this batch because they would have gone south no matter what. But then there's that 80% in the middle where you make most of your money and where you need to win.”

Here's how we go about winning over the middle 80 percent.

If you’re gonna play the game; you gotta learn to play it right

It goes without saying that it’s vitally important to know your product inside and out. But there’s more to it than that.

Knowing how to approach different types of buyers in different industries is critical to success, especially when you have a limited window of time to convey your value to a prospect. Using sales enablement tools, you can quickly access resources to understand the needs of different buyer types, review training resources to ensure the best conversation, and even see tips and advice from other sellers in your company who have had success in similar selling scenarios. 

In a perfect world, you’ve been able to set up a discovery call or you’ve sent an email looking for more information about your prospect’s pain-points before your demo. But, just as it’s important that you understand your prospect, it’s also important that they understand you and that’s where sales enablement shines.

If you haven’t managed to find out your prospect’s pain-points in advance, you don’t have to go into your demo blind. Sharing content with your prospect using a sales enablement tool will give you a glimpse into what might be important to them. In addition to sharing the most up-to-date marketing content, sales enablement provides you with analytics to help you glean insights into your prospects needs.

Analytics can show you what pieces of content your prospect opened and spent the most time reviewing. With this insight, even without a discovery call, you can go into your demo with information you didn’t have before you started off.

The secret to surviving, is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep

Being prepared is one of the most important parts of the sales demo. We’ve already discussed the importance of knowing your product inside and out and knowing your prospect’s pain-points, but there’s more.

According to Hubspot, every sales demo should have these five key elements:

  1. Prepare in advance.
  2. Set an agenda.
  3. Include time for initial questions.
  4. Describe the value propositions.
  5. Communicate the next steps

Now, you’ve done your research, you’re prepared for the sales demo, and you have a stellar presentation put together that showcases the features and benefits of your product. You’re ready, right? Yes. Now, what happens when your carefully laid plans go sideways? The feature you weren’t expecting to catch your prospect’s eye, did. Your presentation touches on it, but it’s not the focus. Time to think on your feet.

With sales enablement, all your content is in one place and with a couple of clicks you’ve got the new content up and ready to share. You didn’t have to fiddle around with different folders and files on your computer, you didn’t have to quickly hide away your messy desktop, and you didn’t have to waste your prospect’s valuable time while you changed gears.

Presto! A new presentation, a new focus, and a saved sales demo in less than a minute. Success!

Let’s follow-up, shall we?

Every hand's a winner, and every hand's a loser

Even the best sales demo in the world isn’t a guaranteed close. You need to put in the follow-up effort and keep your prospect engaged.

It goes without saying that you must follow-up with a thank-you. But, it’s not enough to just say, “It was great speaking to you. Thanks for your time.” Every time you connect with your prospect, you want your goal to be twofold: add value and keep your product at the forefront of their mind. So, when you email to say thank-you, add content and information that will benefit them and show them how your product really is the best solution to solve their problems.

With sales enablement, you can track how they are engaging with your content and ensure they are reading it. Did they open it? Did they look at the content you shared? How long did they look at it? What did they spend the most time with? These are all questions a good sales enablement platform can answer. With those answers, you’ll have a better understanding of how to move forward and how to add value at every touchpoint.

Knowing what’s important to your prospect and demonstrating that it’s important to you too, will go a long way to building trust and closing the deal.

In his final words; I found an ace that I could keep

From preparation, to presentation, to analytics that help you make the very most of every conversation and demo, sales enablement truly is the ace up your sleeve. Don’t just fold them and walk away. Take what sales enablement gives you and run.

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