Content management meets sales enablement

Buyers want solutions, not stacks of product brochures. Enable your sales team to engage customers when, how, and where they want. Klyck helps align sales and marketing teams by providing a centralized content library, allowing sellers to locate, present and share all of your marketing and sales content, all in one easy to navigate interface. 

Klyck’s patented and proprietary platform goes beyond basic content management by providing users with an individually tailored, searchable interface displaying all available content related to the specific solution, product, or service that they engaged in selling.  

Find Content Quickly

Find Content Quickly

Klyck’s platform aggregates large libraries of sales & marketing content into a simple conversation format, eliminating the overwhelming task of sorting through thousands of documents to present tailored solutions to customers.

Access on All Device Types

Our sales enablement tool can operate on any device, anywhere, ensuring that sales users always have access to the information they need wherever they are. Content can also be downloaded to the users device for offline use when internet connection is not available.

Access on all Device Types
Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Klyck’s content management platform creates better connectivity between marketing and sales and improves the alignment of marketing content to the needs of the sales team. Marketing teams can also measure the ROI of content through integrations with and other CRM systems.

Content Tailored for Your Customers

Klyck can automatically recommend content that's been tailored to individual buyer personas. This ensures that sales users can easily access content that is personalized to the type of buyer they are interacting with. Content suggestions become even more powerful when Klyck is integrated with you CRM system.

Content tailored for your customers

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