BUILD YOUR PERFECT SALES SCRIPT to create targeted playbooks

Klyck is less asset library and more asset librarian. An active helper who can help you quickly find, sort and present all of your company's high-quality content.

Klyck ensures your sales and marketing teams are given easy-to-use digital playbooks with a centralized content library that allows sellers to efficiently locate, present, and share content.

Our platform arms users with a simple interface providing accessible content related to the solutions, product, or service they are engaged in selling. 

Find Content Quickly

Content On-Demand

Klyck's innovative platform simplifies large libraries of sales and marketing content into easy to understand sales playbooks. Condense thousands of documents down into an intuitive interface for your sales team.

Easy Device Integration

With our sales playbook tools, you can ensure that your users always have access to what they need for the sale no matter where it takes place.

Content can be downloaded for offline use to ensure that users are always prepared!

Access on all Device Types
Sales and Marketing Alignment

Better Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Klyck's content management platform digitally bridges the gap between marketing and sales to enhance the connection between marketing content and the needs of the sales team.

We integrate seamlessly into Salesforce and other CRM systems to allow your Marketing teams measurable ROI of content in real-time.

Content Tailored for Your Customers

Klyck intelligently recommends content that is customized to individual buyer personas. This arms your sales team with easy-to-use content customized to the buyer's needs.

Content suggestions get smarter and smarter when you integrate Klyck with your CRM system!

Content tailored for your customers

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