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Klyck is at its full potential when you integrate it with your CRM system. Give your sales team an unfair advantage over the competition with intelligent, automated content based on your CRM data. 

Track the performance data of your content with ease while allowing your teams to smash sales goals and speed up deal closures. 

Bring the power of sales playbooks inside your CRM

Klyck integrates your organization's customized sales playbooks directly into your CRM, making sales operations a breeze. Track sales opportunities and pair them with relevant content for a truer depiction of your sales efforts.

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Automated content suggestions for your sales team based on CRM information

Klyck's content management library creates smart content suggestions for your sales team based on CRM information and customer attributes. Easily tag and categorize relevant information to make your sales efforts work.

Build presentations inside your CRM

Is there anything more time-consuming than the constant importing and exporting of large presentation files?  Klyck integrates with your CRM to allow your sales team to quickly create their own smart presentations, all inside one system.

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Report content performance data inside your CRM

Emails, presentations, and more are all trackable inside of Klyck. Quickly see what content performs best and the impact it makes on new business opportunities.

Quickly and easily share content from inside your CRM

Klyck connects your assets with your CRM to create smart sharing and easy-to-understand analytics. Want to send a rock-star-like follow up to that last sales meeting? Klyck allows you to share relevant information like a pro, all with a few simple clicks. 


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