sales enablement powered by data analytics

Our powerful data analytics capabilities allows sales and marketing leaders to deeply understand content performance, customer engagement, and sales user activity, enabling superior strategic planning.

Customer Engagement Data

Klyck’s data analytics provides sales users instant reporting on customer engagement, email opens, the number of content views, and customer content ratings. Administrative reporting also allows marketing and sales leaders to see how well content is performing, productivity levels of their sales team, what sales tactics are delivering results, and what ROI is being generated from marketing content.

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Connected to Your CRM 

We provide seamless integrations into and other CRM systems, allowing sales, segment, and market data to be correlated with content engagement and product interest. This empowers predictive analytics to provide hyper-targeted content suggestions for every customer.

Power to the Marketers

Our Curator platform allows B2B marketing leaders to easily manage content utilization data, ensuring that marketing resources are used efficiently, and content is always up to date and compliant. Marketers can also see insights on what terms are most commonly searched by sales reps and receive ratings on their content from both sales users and end customers.

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Enhancing Marketing Automation 

CRM & marketing automation integration ensures that customer engagement data can be utilized by marketing to enhance customer targeting and better inform digital marketing campaigns. Give your sales team air cover by creating hyper personalized marketing campaigns powered by customer engagement data from the field.

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