Don't guess what's working, know it. with smart, data-driven insights.

Gain a clear picture and improve understanding of content performance, customer engagement, and sales user activity for sales and marketing leaders with superior data-driven strategic solutions.

Customer engagement is at the heart of everything.

Klyck's data-driven solutions allow sales users to instantly see how well their content is performing with real-time engagement metrics including email opens, the number of content views, and customer content ratings.

Optimize productivity levels, content performance, sales tactics, and ROI from marketing content with Administrative reporting.

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We play well with others. 

Easily build presentations by integrating the power of sales playbooks into and other CRM systems to provide pinpoint and automated targeted content suggestions for each particular customer.

The marketing team is going to love it too

Our Curator platform allows B2B marketing leaders to gain ROI insight from content. Measurable content utilization ensures that content is always up to date and used efficiently. Shared metrics allow improved conversations between sales reps to receive ratings on content from both sales users and end customers.

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Elevated Marketing Automation

Give your sales team the firepower they need with CRM and marketing integration that utilizes customer engagement data to create customized intelligent marketing and sales playbooks.

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