GO PAPERLESS, not purpose-less 

No more searching through endless piles of paperwork, be one step ahead of the competition by always having access to your best sales playbook by going paperless. 

Create tailored playbooks in minutes with Klyck's foolproof drag and drop templates.

Find Content Quickly

Drag and drop templates to build custom playbooks

Klyck's innovative platform simplifies large libraries of sales and marketing content into easy-to-understand sales playbooks. Condense thousands of documents down into an intuitive interface for your sales team.

Convert paper playbooks into digital assets

Just as documents on a shelf collect dust and become outdated, your digital information deteriorates as well.

With Klyck you can easily manage document version history and ensure that your team is always working with the most up-to-date content.

Access on all Device Types
Sales and Marketing Alignment

Combine training, content, references, and more

More than just another asset library. Klyck is the easiest way to combine assets, training, best practices, references, and more.

Our proprietary system makes combining sales playbooks with everything else in your content management system easy and painless.

Deliver dynamic playbooks inside of CRM

Klyck intelligently recommends content that is customized to individual buyer personas. This arms your sales team with easy-to-use content customized to the buyer's needs.

Content suggestions get smarter when you integrate Klyck with your CRM system!

Content tailored for your customers

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