The Connection Between Sales Enablement and Revenue Enablement


In this episode, we dive further into the concepts of sales enablement and the connection to revenue enablement within organizations. Jamie Kirmess, Principal at LeadMD, joins as our guest to discuss how B2B companies can leverage sales enablement to support better connectivity between sales and marketing, digitalization, change management, and ultimately revenue enablement.

Jamie shares real life examples of how LeadMD's clients have applied sales enablement strategies in their business to drive better marketing results and increased revenue. She also leaves listeners with 3 powerful concepts that can be immediately applied in their business.

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Podcast Main Topics - Summary and Time Stamps

Introduction: Jamie Kirmess, Principal at LeadMD (Begins at 1:20)

LeadMD is a leading marketing consulting provider for companies in the B2B space. If you’re looking to implement marketing automation, CRM, sales enablement, BI tools, or any digital type investments, LeadMD would make an excellent partner.

Why sales enablement is so important in marketing strategy and how it relates to revenue enablement (Begins at 4:30 and 12:40)

Sales enablement helps create alignment between marketing and sales and eliminates the disconnect between leads and revenue. Sellers spend less time creating presentations and more time on conversations. It allows sellers to have more fun with their conversations and that in turn improves the quality of their work and enjoyment in their jobs.

How Klyck turns content into conversations (Begins at 8:40)

Marketing is creating amazing content, but sellers are focusing on products. Without a sales enablement tool, sellers don’t have access to the amazing content created by marketing. It also reduces duplicated effort. Marketing and sales shouldn’t both be spending their time creating content.

How sales enablement aids through digital transformation (Begins at 11:00)

Companies don’t always have someone in place that can manage digital transformation. Sales enablement allows you to tap into the needs of the sellers, give them the materials to understand the change, and help them shift the way they talk.

How sales enablement fits into the digital sales kit (Begins at 17:50)

Sales enablement is a functional tool. It is the center of the wheel and connects teams. It creates a better relationship between marketing and sales thus creating better relationships between sellers and buyers. As a tool, it centralizes everything and makes customer engagement more meaningful. Sellers can spend less time making presentations and more time focussing on developing relationships and becoming trusted advisors.

Jamie’s concluding thoughts (Begins at 23:25)

Establish a sales enablement strategy. Think of sales enablement as revenue enablement. Make sure you understand the journey and map content to that journey.

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