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On this podcast we talk about how to establish a culture of data inside your organization. If you’re like most B2B companies, data and capturing it are likely on your mind often.

How do you apply it? How do you monetize it? For the answers to these questions and more, tune in on your favorite podcast streaming platform.

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[00:01:05] Our guest: Nick Amabile

  • Nick Amabile, CEO at DAS42
  • DAS42 helps executives and managers use data to understand and improve their business, reduce the time to achieve actionable insights, and make better decisions faster

[00:02:33] What is causing and driving the big focus on data? What kinds of trends are emerging?

  • Move to digital – anything from digital marketing to direct to consumer
  • Start first with the business goals and then work backwards to a technical solution and not the other way around

[00:05:00] How do you decide what technology to implement and how do you make it work cohesively?

  • The goal is to get the data in one place – get your supply chain data, customer data, sales data, and inventory data all in one place so that you can join them together and create a 360° view of your business
  • Create business meaning out of the data – something that can translate rows and columns and tables and database concepts into a business concept

[00:07:10] How do you structure a team around data?

  • Centralize the team – It’s very efficient to have one team that has a single view of what's going on. Start small. It could be just a few business analysts that know the business drivers and the data sets well

[00:11:30] What are typical challenges organizations face and how do you minimize them?

  • Businesses looking at new technology to solve a problem instead of evaluating the problem, then deciding on the right technology
  • Start small by identifying one or two high value use cases and really make sure that you're able to knock that out of the park end to end

[00:16:30] What is a culture of data inside an organization?

  • Enable the marketing department, the sales department, the finance department, supply chain department, etc. to ask and answer their own questions
  • With data coming in from many different sources, having a centralized place for it helps make sure that salespeople have everything they need to know about a customer and there are no surprises
  • The key is to get employees excited about the data and bringing it where they’re already working (for example Salesforce), instead of forcing them to use and learn new technology
  • It’s important that people see value. When they see value, they’re more likely to see the benefits to the way that they do business

[00:20:00] What are some of the things you should be thinking about to start building data?

  • Management should be driving accountability and transparency
  • Everyone needs to be on the same page
  • Make sure there’s a governance process in place

[00:25:55] Key Takeaways

  1. Standardize KPIs. Even if they aren’t technical, just get them written down
  2. Get everyone on the same page and start thinking about how you’re going to govern and manage your data
  3. Make sure that you’re able to get data to as many people as possible


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