take the pain out of M&A

Eliminate the mess and confusion of merging sales teams by consolidating all of your content and digital assets into one place. Hit the ground running and empower your sales reps with a library of best practices.

Quickly get new teams up to speed with premade playbooks

KlyckBooks provides a dynamic, easily organized training portal which can house new product information, all your sales & marketing content, and create a clear onboarding process for your organization. All in one place.

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Guide new sales reps with automated content suggestions

Make your onboarding process easy and painless for new team members. Klyck uses intuitive content suggestions to make onboarding efficient, targeted and effective.

Avoid hours of lost time searching for resources

Give your new team members targeted feedback and direction with our easily categorized library of resources. No more scavenging your cloud-based library of static content, create clear step-by-step action items to streamline onboarding.

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Combine content and asset repositories into one singular system for both organizations

Combining forces can be exhausting and time-consuming. But with Klyck it's never been easier to create one central location of legacy knowledge and new onboarding sales playbooks.

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