launch products the smart way

Never feel left in the dark again with real-time insights into how your customers are reacting to your launch.

Launching a new product can be a headache and can cost tens of thousands when printing paper assets. Klyck eliminates both of these issues by simplifying the process with premade, digital playbooks.

Create pre-made playbooks for new product launches

Klyck provides a dynamic, easily organized playbook portal which can house new product information, all of your supporting content, and create a clear commercialization process for your organization. All in one place. Create your path to success with KlyckBooks the new way to share sales playbooks.

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Empower sales teams with collections of content to support new product campaigns

Klyck streamlines the avalanche of cut sheets and presentations for your new product launch and empowers your team to easily and seamlessly access all of your new product information. Easily tag and categorize relevant information to make your launch a lift-off!

Measure the success of your launch with customer analytics

As you launch your new product, you’ll want to quickly and easily understand what is working and what isn’t. Klyck provides a host of robust analytic tools that allow you to see in real time the success of your content, its customer response insights, and much, much more.

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Avoid costly investments into paper assets

Don't waste precious time and money printing paper content. KlyckBooks allows your sales team to easy access to all of your new product launch information from the convenience of a cloud-based, responsive software.

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