Imagine what’s possible when the left hand talks to the right 

Klyck is the bridge that connects marketing and sales teams. Empower your reps to be confident and on top of their game at all times with synergized sales playbooks.

Let Klyck do the work for you by giving sales the content firepower it needs from marketing.


Create collaborative playbooks for commercial teams

Our platform can reduce content search time by up to 70%, giving your team a massive amount of time back in their day to focus on selling. Klyck's innovative platform simplifies large libraries of sales and marketing content into easy-to-understand sales playbooks. Condense thousands of documents down into an intuitive interface for your sales team.

We provide metrics for teams to have cross-functional visibility

Imagine knowing what ROI you actually got on your marketing content. With Klyck, you can!

With our sales playbook tools, reps can give live demos to customers, share insights, tag documents for sharing, bring up other relevant content, and immediately share marketing collateral after meetings.  But best of all, all activity is trackable and able to be tied directly to content ROI.


Allow marketing to empower sales with content

More than asset management, Klyck's digital playbooks enable your sales team to access valuable marketing content, on-demand. No more static emails or endless presentations, create targeted campaigns that allow your sales reps to make the most of their efforts.

Help improve marketing content ROI

Klyck intelligently recommends content that is customized to individual buyer personas. This arms your sales team with easy-to-use content customized to the buyer's needs.

Content suggestions get smarter and smarter when you integrate Klyck with your CRM system!


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