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We Enable Complex Solution Selling

The measurement and control industry has changed dramatically. Selling modern control systems and connected solutions requires a new level of skill, knowledge, and digital efficacy.  Klyck.io helps empowers sales reps with digital tools to help navigate these complex sales cycles with ease. 

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Sales Enablement With Built in Intelligence

Klyck is built from the ground up with content intelligence, going far beyond simple content management. Our platform uses data from existing systems, like your CRM, and uses it as fuel to provide highly tailored insights, suggestions, and resources for users as they manage the customer sales cycle.

Engage Customers in Better Conversations

Selling connected solutions is hard. That's why we built our Conversation interface to help assist B2B solution sellers in complex industries. Klyck simplifies the entire selling process by grouping and delivering content and training resources to sales reps with less friction, less searching, and less hassle. We help sales reps focus on the most important customer interaction, the conversation. 

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