sales training for the digital era

With IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions expanding at such a rapid pace, sales and marketing leaders are having to retrain their organizations to prepare for massive transformation.  Klyck provides streamlined learning and development solutions to assist your sales team on the journey to digitalization.


Complex Solutions - Simplified

Our patented Conversation platform takes the guesswork out of presenting complex solutions by aligning all of your relevant sales content, training, and customer profile information into a simplified interface for each solution. Sales training can be delivered when and where it is needed, coupled with suggested content and recommended presentations, to help sales reps spend more time selling and less time in a classroom.

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Virtual Sales Coaches

Integrated directly into our app, Klyck’s Sales Coach modules allows reps to capture advice, tips, and best practices from your most successful sellers and place that knowledge at the fingertips of every salesperson in your organization. Klyck allows you to centralize libraries of best practices and insights from your top sellers, empowering team collaboration and cross functional selling. 

Guided by Data

Klyck serves up training and suggested sales content based on information about the prospect. With the power of advanced search, filtering, and buyer personas, sales users can leverage the power of enriched data to inspire confidence that they are always presenting the right content, to the right buyer, at the right time.

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LMS Platform Integration 

Our app can integrate learning and development platforms directly into the user environment, accelerating new rep onboarding, and eliminating the need to access multiple systems for training and education. No more bouncing between systems and memorizing a chain of logins. Klyck can provide a one stop portal to all of your LMS and training content. 

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