Sales Enablement Integration with

Klyck is proud to be an official AppExchange Partner with, ensuring seamless and intuitive integration to your existing Salesforce platform.

Take advantage of all the capabilities of right inside your existing Salesforce system. No bouncing screens or switching logins. 

Content Suggestions in Salesforce

Our solution allows all of your Salesforce information, such as customer contact, sales, segment, and market data, to be correlated with recommended content for each individual customer. This information is delivered to your sales team during every stage of the sales cycle and is customized to give reps exactly what they need to accurately interact with their customers during their current stage of the buying process.  

Content suggestions in salesforce
Sales meetings made simple

Sales Meetings Made Simple

Klyck reduces meeting prep time by up to 70% by providing tailored content and educational resources to help sales reps prepare for their meetings, host presentations, and share content directly with their contacts. Integrated directly into Salesforce, our app eliminates having to switch between multiple systems to find content and create presentations. 

Customer Engagement Data

Klyck collects data throughout each stage of this process and allows sales managers to understand exactly how their teams are interacting with customers, what conversations are occurring in meetings and how their customers are engaging with shared content.  This data can be used to improve recommended content and is available directly in Salesforce’s BI interface, streamlining reporting and analytics.  

Customer engagement data

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