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Klyck is proud to be an official AppExchange Partner with Seamlessly and easily integrate into your existing Salesforce platform to make Klyck your one-stop sales playbook, training, and sales solution.

Personalized Content in Salesforce

Our solution allows personalized up-to-date content for each individual customer by employing all of your Salesforce information such as customer contact, sales, segment, and market data.

This real-time information is easily delivered to your sales team at every stage of the sales cycle to give reps dynamic interactions with their customers during the current stage of the buying process.

Content suggestions in salesforce
Sales meetings made simple

Simplify Sales Meetings and Pitches

Klyck can reduce sales meeting prep time by up to 70%! We do this by providing personalized content and educational resources to assist sales reps.

Our SalesForce integration allows reps to use a single platform to create sales presentations and share content directly with their contacts.

Customer Engagement Data

Klyck allows sales managers to remove the guesswork and gain a deeper understanding of how their teams interact with customers. It also provides a wealth of info about customer engagement with shared content.

This data can be displayed directly in Salesforce's BI interface for streamlined reporting and analytics.

Customer engagement data

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