Sales Playbooks made For B2B Sales

Our value is simple, we help you bring your sales playbooks to life. Turn your sales reps into digitally savvy sales leaders by delivering all of your content, training, and resources on-demand. Digitally.

A Sales Playbook Platform Built for B2B

Being able to properly enable your sales Strategy is the backbone of a sales team. Having the right tools for the job gives your B2B sales teams the ability to work at their full potential to connect with customers and utilize engagement data and content sharing.

At Klyck we created software to put the power back into your hands to ensure stronger, more successful customer relations.

Our experienced B2B sales professionals can help guide you to build and deploy a successful playbook solution for your team.

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A Solutions Driven Team

Your success is predicated on your ability to sell complex solutions that provide true value to your clients. Strategy should lead to results, which is why we created a playbook to empower your sales team to close more deals and foster stronger customer conversations.

Klyck is the only sales enablement software completely tailored for complex B2B sales, ensuring that our customers' language is our language. We provide you with customized sales playbook solutions that deliver measurable results, solve business challenges, and create higher revenue from sales teams.

Our experienced team takes a professional approach from working with teams in a variety of sectors that ensure confidence in our ability to help with a multitude of sales challenges.

Our mission is to provide winning sales strategies that lead to higher revenue for your business.

Strengthen Communication With Your Customers

Through Klyck's intuitive sales playbook tool you can ensure better sales conversations and stronger customer connections.

With our digital playbooks, your B2B sales reps can better understand how to navigate complex sales cycles and become experts in customer engagement.

KlyckBooks enhances alignment between sales and marketing with powerful data analytics on customer engagements to ensure your team is at its full potential and always has the right content available to make every conversation count.

Increase your sales by over 20% and lower sales operations time by up to 70% by leveraging Klyck to create lasting and memorable connections with your customers with tailored sales playbook solutions.

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How It Works

Klyck uses a simple 3-Step process to set you up with the power of our sales enablement playbook.

Step 1

Step One: Connect With Our Team

The first step on your path with Klyck is to reach out to our experienced team. We'll take the time to learn more about your business to better help our team enhance your B2B sales operation.

Step 2

Step Two: Schedule a Demo

After connecting with our team, we'll provide you with a demo of how the Klyck playbook operates. Our team will guide you through the sales playbook design process and define what can be expected from us.

Step 3

Step Three: Execute Your Sales Strategy

With a dynamic, tailored strategy personalized for your business, it's time to get signed up! Our team will guide you through every aspect of the KlyckBooks platform to ensure you are fully prepared and armed to execute your strategy.

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Our Promise

Our mission is to help you increase your revenue while keeping more money in your pockets. That's why all of our customer setup and support services are at your disposal completely free for the first year.

Klyck will be there with you for every step of the journey to ensure you have a tailored strategy that equals higher revenue and results. This makes sure your focus is on strengthening the relationships with your customers and less so on manually building sales playbooks.

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How much does Cost?

Our Pricing

Pricing is made simple with our per user/per month approach. We structure contracts without complex negotiations and build around your business's personal needs to make signing up with Klyck simple and easy.

Klyck offers no-cost evaluations of our product so you can test our solution before purchasing absolutely free! No matter how you'd like to start, we have options to fit your needs.

The Top Sales Playbook Solution in the US and Canada

The team at Klyck has been a leader in the world of B2B sales throughout the United States and Canada for years.

We are proud that businesses look to Klyck as the premier playbook solution when they need support for their B2B marketing, sales, and outreach strategies.

With partners in over 20 countries, you can be confident in knowing that our playbook will generate valuable sales results.

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Turn Your Sales Reps into Sales Experts

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