Video Marketing - Why B2B Businesses Need a Strategy




In this episode, Dave Karr (VP of Marketing, and Drew Franklin (Marketing Specialist at Altec) discuss why B2B businesses need a video marketing strategy. Topics include: What is video marketing, how to build a video marketing strategy, what type of videos you should be creating, how to track analytics on video marketing, and what B2B companies are benchmarks for success. 

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Summary and Time Stamps

Introduction: Drew Franklin, Marketing Specialist at Altec (Time stamp at 0:45)

Altec is a leading provider of products and services to the contractor, tree care, electric utility, and telecommunications markets. Drew has more than 10 years of marketing experience in the B2B space and started using video in 2013.

What is video marketing (Time stamp at 2:20)

Video marketing is an approach of creating and distributing video content with with goal of attracting, retaining, and converting a defined audience of viewers. More and more marketers are coming to realize that it’s a necessity.

What not to do (Time stamp at 3:25)

Don’t just make a video, post it to your homepage, and then tick the check box on your to-do list. It’s important not to forget about the details that will help in the long run. Although creating content for the sake of creating content can be helpful, you must also set up a smart goal and make sure that you have a place to distribute it (email, social media, etc).

What is the value of video marketing (Time stamp at 9:00)

Creating videos can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Mobile phones can be used take good quality footage. You must be sure that your content is telling a story and fits in with your goals and campaigns. Look at uploading natively to different social media platforms. That gives you a great deal of reach and engagement. LinkedIn gives out “go juice” for putting videos out because not a lot of people are doing it. Try not to be pushy, but instead give away value with educational videos. People want to hear your story.

How can you track video engagement (Time stamped at 16:55)

Use tracking software like Wistia that links directly to your CRM. Analytics must talk to one another in order to see success. If you can track it, you can watch it move through the sales funnel.

Who is doing it right in B2B (Time stamped at 22:30)

SPOC Automation: They have doubled down their efforts and are creating “2 Minute Drive” education videos for oil and gas companies.

Altec: They are using video for customer testimonials and storytelling.

Wistia: As for 2014, they are not just a video hosting company. They are also a video education company. They are creating a library of how-to videos that are helpful for marketers who are just getting started with video strategy.

What are the elements you need to think about when making videos (Time stamped at 27:45)

You need to ask yourself these three questions:

  • Are you trying to build sales funnel?
  • Are you trying to build brand?
  • Are you trying to educate your audience?

How to set yourself apart by using analytics to create videos (Time stamped at 27:45)

Analytics can show you what prospects have viewed on your website. With this knowledge, you can send a tailored video message and personalize it based on the resources they've viewed or the products/solutions that interest them.

Drew’s concluding thoughts (Time stamped at 27:45)

  • Making a video can be daunting, but don’t let fear stop you. No one will fault you for making content.
  • People need to get comfortable making videos.
  • The sooner you can leverage video, the sooner you’ll see success.
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