Know you're making the most of your sales team's potential with better understanding through in-depth data. Quickly see how you're performing compared to industry benchmarks so you can stay ahead of the curve. Get the competitive edge you need with tailored playbooks for your sales team.

Sales and marketing, working together to create your company's most impactful go-to-market approach. Sales Enablement Solution on Mobile Device

As a leader in B2B sales playbooks, we support clients in a variety of markets. If you have lots of content, complex products, and long sales cycles, Klyck can be an incredible asset to your team.

Our solution improves sales and marketing alignment, significantly reduces the time it takes for sales users to find resources, provides powerful data analytics on customer engagements, and ensures that your sales team always has the right content at the right time.   

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Why Klyck works for Marketing Teams


  • Get ROI insight into your content
  • Ensure that content is being fully utilized and shared with clients
  • Understand customer engagement data and content performance
  • Ensure better alignment with sales teams with shared metrics
  • Utilize engagement data to better inform marketing automation campaigns
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Why Klyck works for Sales Teams


  • Build and deliver custom playbooks to sales teams
  • Understand your sales team's behavior and actions with data
  • Improve coaching with feedback on customer engagement performance
  • Always have the right content at the right time


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Sales Playbooks by Sales Experts

Spoiler alert, we're sales-people by trade. So we understand the typical bottlenecks you deal with. Klyck has all the features of the world's best marketing software, but with the simplicity, customization and speed to enhance your sales efforts.

Customization has never been easier. With easy drag and drop interface your presentations are ready in real time. No matter the industry, have the right content at the tip of your fingers. 

Tag what you're presenting for easy follow up emails that track opens and duration with content. Our internal software will help better understand how clients interact with your proposals and follow-ups. 

Don't keep your company's hard earned lessons to yourself. We have an entire internal training capability to share knowledge company-wide of best practices and techniques.

Never second guess where content is. Change up content in real time with our easily accessibly smart library that quickly gathers the right content and helps you put it in front fo your clients.

How We Work

Step 1

Get in Touch


One of our core values at is listening to our customers needs. We want to learn more about your specific business and how it fits into your industry. Tell us about pain points in your current marketing strategy. 

Step 2

Collaborate on a Full Sales Strategy


Once we understand your needs, we work to provide you with custom tools that allow you to build sales playbooks quickly and easily. We'll work with you to develop a sales blueprint and a deployment strategy.

Step 3

Drive Sales


Our easy-to-use platform boosts efficiency and uses data to pinpoint each of your potential clients’ exact needs so your sales team can better customize their service. When you deliver custom solutions, you win more deals and build better relationships. 

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The Difference


At, we are committed to driving more revenue for your business by creating innovative sales playbook solutions for your team.

Our mission is to streamline the way your solution sellers educate themselves about your products so they can effectively convey their benefits to your ideal customers.

Passion and creativity drive everything we do. We support over 6,000 users in 20 different countries leveraging the power of our B2B sales solutions.

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