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Klyck Helps B2B Sales Reps Close More Deals and Build Better Relationships

Turn Content into Conversations

Turn Content into Conversations

Klyck ensures that sales teams always have the right sales and marketing content at the right time, enabling better customer conversations.

Turn Data into Direction

Turn Data into Direction

Klyck’s data insights enable sales and marketing leaders to understand customer engagement and develop superior sales strategies.

Turn Sales Reps into Sales Experts

Turn Sales Reps into Sales Experts

We combine content intelligence, training integration, and customer segmentation to turn any sales rep, either a seasoned veteran or a new hire, into a qualified sales expert.

Sales Enablement Designed for Complex B2B Industries

Find out how Klyck's sales enablement software is helping B2B clients improve their sales process, close more deals, and increase sales content utilization.

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How Klyck Supports B2B Sales Organizations

Leading a customer through a complex B2B sales cycle is challenging. Our sales enablement tool enhances these customer conversations by improving sales and marketing alignment, significantly reducing the time it takes for users to find sales content, providing powerful data analytics on customer engagements and ensuring that your sales team always has the right content at the right time, making every conversation count.

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Content Management

Our sales enablement tools help you to create a targeted and relevant content library that your sales reps can actually take advantage of. We help deliver the most relevant content to sellers at every stage of the sales cycle, based on data and intelligent routing.

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Data Analytics

Klyck collects, aggregates, and reports data on wide variety of customer engagement metrics to help your sales team better understand their customers. We use this data to help empower content recommendations and facilitate better sales conversations.

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Sales Training & Development

We don't just give you tools and leave it at that. We help you create a lasting sales enablement strategy by providing you with training and development that leaves you prepared for a strong future. 

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Salesforce.com Integration

We provide integrations with the top CRM platform – Salesforce.com. Our sales enablement application has a seamless integration into the Salesforce system, allowing your reps to work natively inside existing systems. 

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"Efficiency at its Finest" - Sales Enablement Manager for Porex

"The ease of use and simplicity of Klyck allows our team to create really professional presentations for the customer. The tool makes it very easy to present but also share information with our customers. It improves the sales team efficiency, creates a single source of truth for all customer collateral and creates professional sharing features all in one step."


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